What do Digital Marketing and Branding Companies Actually Do?

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person holding white samsung android smartphone

person holding white samsung android smartphone

An industry that has been booming in the past couple of years is the digital marketing world. Many companies are streaming to web designers’ offices in order to get some guidance and help with online branding and advertising.

If you are still relying on old school ways of advertising in the local newspaper or handing out flyers; then you really need some help from a digital marketing agency Michigan in order for your business to reach its full potential.

Not quite sure what a digital marketing agency can do for your company? Then read along…

The Difference Between Marketing and Digital Marketing

Firstly, it’s important that you understand the difference between these two services. Marketing agencies follow traditional ways of advertising brands. This will include making posters and pasting it on walls, designing flyers that are handed out on the corner, making ads for television, placing center spreads in magazines, recording ads for radio, and hoisting huge billboards on a busy street.

Gone are those days and a big ‘hello’ to the modern world of digital marketing. Digital marketers can not only make your company’s website look appealing they also use techniques to motivate clients to make purchases.

Digital marketers will focus on creating relevant and engaging content, and apply different optimization skills to engage customers to such an extent that they decide to hire your service or buy your product.

You might think that these are things that you and your team can easily do, but an investment in a professional digital marketing and branding company will be greatly beneficial. Not convinced? Here are a few other things that these agencies can do for your business.


Your product or service is probably great. There’s no doubt that you provide amazing customer care and live up to everything that you promise. But someone who comes across the name of your company while browsing through the internet, don’t know that yet. They don’t know you and the only thing you have to impress them is by the exterior look of your own brand.

This is where digital marketing companies come in to play. Through data analysis and brand evaluation, they can come up with a solid strategy to improve the appearance of your brand.

The best companies in the world are adaptable to the current market and what their target markets want. Changing a logo’s colors or shape is one of the small changes a company can make to attract more customers.

Once your brand has been revamped, you’ll attract more customers resulting in a much more profitable business.


There’s a reason why advertising is such a huge part of a company’s existence. It’s to attract more people who will spend money and increase revenue. But you can’t sell swimsuits in Antarctica.

Digital marketing agencies evaluate your target market and narrows down the ideal buyer and customer. Through data analysis, digital marketers can discover great insight on what your brand should be focused on. This ultimately has an effect on your overall aims and goals.

This form of advertising is extremely targeted. And once this target has been established, the business will be able to use content that speaks directly to the ideal buyer.

Once the strategy is put in place, your business will reap the fruits and enjoy the income. A great example of this is that websites are implementing a ‘booking online’ or ‘pay online’ option to its visitors.

Without having to phone your offices, potential buyers can book and buy online. Eliminating the effort of chatting with someone, receiving banking details, having to send a proof of payment, and then only be able to book or buy. This is one reason why many potential buyers would rather click away and go to a website that is much faster and user friendly.

three men sitting on chair beside tables

three men sitting on chair beside tables


In many instances, companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that result in no outcome. This is where digital marketing is different. When you invest in a digital marketing agency, you are almost guaranteed a return on investment (ROI).

When you have a higher ROI, you’ll have higher profits – this is ultimately what you are aiming towards.

Expert digital marketers will use different strategies to boost ROI even further. They do this by adapting strategies and testing different approaches. This can be anything from the color of your website’s design to the words used in content. By running ad tests, they will discover what is the best way in which you can turn leads into paying customers.

The world of digital marketing is complex and not as straightforward as you might think. Watch this video for some insight on how digital marketing actually works.


When a company decides to set up their own digital marketing department it will have to include a strategist, copywriter, designer, website developer, and manager. But when you hire an already established agency, you’ll be able to get all of those services under one roof.

Especially for businesses that are in a very competitive industry, it’s important to have market insight. Market insight has to do with a lot of online activity. Through data analysis digital marketing and branding companies are able to see statistics on what potential clients are looking for. It will also be much easier to find out what your competitors are doing and how they are attracting (or stealing) customers. Staying one step ahead of the competition is where professionals will be able to assist.

Furthermore, they’ll be able to advise your team on how to narrow down target markets and even suggest new products or services that the audience need. Tapping in to revenue streams that you haven’t considered, will also add value to their services.

Eventually, you will save more time and money in just hiring a company to handle all of your digital marketing for you. A great investment that will give you a profitable return.


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