Small Business: Accounting Invoices CRM Inventory

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Complete, professional business solution: Accounting & Invoices, CRM, Inventory control, Organizer, B2B: Messages & Docs, Banking/Income/Expenses, time management; comprehensive Reporting. Multiple currencies. or companies
Range: sole contractor (standalone app) – small retail chain (several apps linked)

Functionality of the free and premium versions, prices of the premium versions and discounts depend upon the country and are specified inside the application.

Use either as a standalone Business app with the facility to upload generated data & documents to Google Drive or Dropbox storage, or link to one of our PC APPLICATIONs: can be downloaded from

Create, replicate, instantly email Quotes of your products or services (with images if needed).

Record and instantly email Invoices & Receipts, update status of Estimates/Sales; record (partial) payments, issue multiple receipts with outstanding amounts, edit, print delivery notes, update status or cancel sales

Record Bills, Purchases & Purchase Orders, categorize and keep track of expenses. (Save & upload to PC photos of your receipts) Control budgets for expenses. Notify about bill payments

Instantly process Credit Card Payments with linked Square POS app

Keep track of your bank accounts & money display account balances, transactions, expenses and revenues, profits, assets, loans with payment schedule, etc. data sorted by the categories for selected periods. Record deposits, withdrawals, transfers. keep record of your transactions create pdf (csv) reports: print or save to Dropbox or Google Drive

Fully configurable pdf documents for Quotes, Invoices, Receipts, Purchase Orders etc. instantly email to your customers or vendors (the text of email pre-configured), print or upload to Dropbox or GD server. Pdf for the Quotes may include the images of the products. Use 8 different templates * 20 background textures for documents; insert your own logo, letterhead or texture, record different types of special information, payment options, display vendor’s bar code on invoice, choose date format and much more. Invoice can be printed in all major European languages, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic

Organize & keep business contacts in one place; record calendar events, tasks, notes (multiple images), prepare and send to the customers account statements, show their location on the map, link tasks and notes to customers: instantly send emails and SMS messages.
Link phone logs with description of conversation to contact records

Manage inventory: multiple prices, costs, photos, amounts; pdf files with description of stock (images included): print or instantly email; linked to BarCode scanner

Use stock control the inventory amounts are automatically changed when sale or purchase is delivered. If the amount falls below the threshold the alert records are created: Automatically create purchase orders for stock.

Service records can be processed in the similar fashion, except stock control is disabled

Use the full double entry accounting application on your tablet (phone),
Generate pdf and csv files with information recorded in the system (Sales, Purchases, Contacts, Stock, etc.);
Conduct all basic accounting operations, including recording GL accounts and journals &
create reports: Balance Sheet, Profit Loss, Trial Balance, Journals, Sales per Month, Sales per Customer, Tax etc.(~ 40 reports types): print, email, upload.

Link several Android devices to one of our PC Business applications. Configure your own network with different users access permissions.
Keep your data on Android device, PC, or internet storage (Dropbox. GD).


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