How To Begin A Blogging Career With 12 Custom WordPress Websites

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How to begin a

This article will provide information on how individuals can begin a career with 12 custom websites, A or “weblog” is a that is published on the to provide information or discussion on various topics. The content is called posts. When blogs are updated with new content, the recent posts appear at the top of the blog (Wikipedia, 2020).

What is blogging?

Blogging is the term used to describe the activity of writing new content so that blogs are updated. Blogs can be written on any topic.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is an individual who updates a blog with new content. Blogs can also be monetized in various ways, thus allowing bloggers to earn income for their work. In fact, many people worldwide make a good living from blogging and monetizing their blogs.

  • Eight of the Top content areas on which blogs can be written

Blogs can be written on any content. However, the topic/niches or content areas that people search for the most will make greater income.

Eight of these niches include:

  1. Health and Fitness.
  2. Personal Finance.
  3. Fashion.
  4. Lifestyle.
  5. Business and marketing.
  6. Technology and gaming.
  7. Travel.
  8. Relationships.

Three considerations related to the financial returns of blogging include:

  • the number of people searching in the search engines for the topic.
  • the commercial value of the keywords or niche (content) that the blog is about.
  • blogger’s knowledge about methods to promote the blog in the search engines.

Information is readily available on methods to blog successfully.

Top 10 blogs worldwide

Target Internet, (2020) rated the following blogs as the most successful in 2020. The numbers are impressive:

  1. HuffPost$500 million per year
  2. Engadget$47.5 million per year
  3. Moz$44.9 million per year
  4. PerezHilton$41.3 million per year
  5. Copyblogger$33.1 million per year
  6. Mashable$30 million per year
  7. TechCrunch$22.5 million per year
  8. Envato Tuts+$10 million per year
  9. Smashing Magazine$5.2 million per year
  10. Gizmodo$4.8 million per year

How To start your own blogging career with 12 FREE money-making websites each year

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Free blogging and traffic generation tutorials are also provided. All you need to do is to purchase a domain name and web hosting package and upload the blog to the web hosting company.  

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Training on website management is provided in the back end of  your free money making websites

Your free websites are built on WordPress, one of the most widely used content management systems on the planet. Your product owners have thoughtfully provided website management tutorials that can be easily valued at $50.00 and over.

Topics include:

  1. Setting up Domain And Web Hosting.
  2. FTP Upload Your Website.
  3. Logging Into Your Website Admin Panel.
  4.  Your Admin Area Welcome Screen.
  5. Admin Settings.
  6. Personal Settings.
  7. Basic website settings.
  8. SEO settings.
  9. Theme settings.
  10. Advert settings.
  11. Affiliate settings.
  12. Add/Remove Article Pages.
  13. Edit Article Pages.
  14. Check For Updates And Your Version Number.
ENDED PRODUCTS How To Get 12 FREE Money Making Websites Each Year


23 Traffic Training videos are provided in the membership backend of your free money making websites

Website traffic refers to visitors to your website. It is absolutely critical to get your website seen by others in order for them to engage with the content and purchase products.

Once again, your benefactors have provided valuable and free video tutorials which include:

  1. Video #1 – Ad Swaps Theory!
  2. Video #2 – Ad Swaps Practical!
  3. Video #3 – Article Marketing Theory!
  4. Video #4 – Article Marketing Practical!
  5. Video #5 – Blog Hopping Theory!
  6. Video #6 – Blog Hopping Practical!
  7.  Video 7 – Blogging Theory!
  8. Video #8 – Blogging Practical!
  9. Video #9 – Facebook Groups Theory!
  10. Video #10 – Facebook Groups Practical!

Other resources on the backend of your free money making websites

The hosts provide you with their recommended and low-cost web hosting company which you can use for hosting.


You are also given the opportunity to update your free money making website membership for a low, monthly cost

                     Much More 100% PLR Article Content.

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As a Premier Member you will have access to many more themes. This will make your site even more unique, you can         also add your own theme should you wish to.

check-green-whiteSearch Engine Optimization.
Optimize your Website and hit the top page rankings with the easy edit features supplied. No HTML knowledge needed! Just add your keywords and you’re done. This will also help to make your site unique.

check-green-whiteAdd Your Own Ads.
You will have the ability to add your own ads, this means you are not restricted to AdSense & ClickBank Ad Rotator ads. This allows you to choose exactly what you promote. You could even sell advertising space on your websites.

check-green-whiteAdd/Remove Content.
You will have the ability to add and remove as much content as you wish. This gives you unbelievable functionality as it allows you to create 100% unique content. In fact, with this feature, you are only limited by your imagination.

check-green-whiteBonus Content Supplied Each Month.
Each month we will supply bonus premium content. This could be extra graphics, websites, tutorials, private label content, eBooks, etc. We guarantee the bonus content alone will more   than cover your monthly fee.

check-green-whiteThe Chance to Suggest Future Niche Subjects.
Do you want a website built around a particular niche? Tell us and we will do our very best to supply it for you. We will also take on board any improvement suggestions to help us give you the best service possible.

check-green-whiteAdd/Edit/Remove Copyright & ‘Powered By’ Info.
This feature enables you to add, edit & remove the copyright and ‘powered by’ info. This basically means you can add your name to these links or completely remove them if you wish.

check-green-whiteAdditional Training.
Premier members will also receive additional training that will show you how to drive traffic and build the best performing website possible.

check-green-whiteUpload Service.
Premier members can take advantage of our unique upload service that means we will take care of uploading your website for you.

check-green-whitePremier Support.
Premier members also receive dedicated fast track support, this means you will receive the fastest and most dedicated support possible. You will even receive one on one telephone support if required.



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