9 Best Legitimate Online Business Opportunities – Are You Willing To Give Them A Try?

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Best legitimate opportunities exist for those who are willing to go the extra step to start making money in 2020.

In my research, I found that there are nine opportunities that you can take advantage of right now. These business opportunities are waiting to be tapped into, but only by those who are willing to put in the work. Without putting in the work business opportunities just remain opportunities.

Having said that, let’s get right into the opportunities that exist right now for you to start your online business.

Best Legitimate


This industry is growing quite quickly. Many people are now turning to natural ways to beat pain or other ailments they suffer from.

What people really like about CBD oil is that it has low levels of THC, the component which has a very high psychoactive effect. What this essentially means is that people who use CBD oil will not get high.

Due to its non-habit-forming nature, it becomes one of the preferred treatment for people who are dealing with pain from:

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And many more…

Since it has been legalized in many states, it’s now much easier to sell it online. People are not afraid to buy this oil anymore knowing they will not be prosecuted. Although I would suggest, you check with your state or country to make sure it is legal to sell.

Do proper marketing analysis to find out who your customers will be as well what issue does the customer have that will be solved by the CBD oil.

When selling oil online, you need to have a good website, your phone number, as well as your address and email, must be displayed. Make sure your website is secured as well as provide good terms of service and return policy.


When job hunting, people are always going to need resumes as well as cover letters to get their foot in the door for an interview.

Why don’t you become the go-to person to help these people get into the workforce?

All you really need is good writing skills which help to sell a person. Basically, that’s what a resume does. The interviewer looks at the resume to see if the skills match what they’re looking for in an employee. If the resume is well done, you’ve just sold an employee to an employer.

Looking for employment can be challenging for everyone, but it can be especially tough for those people who have just recently graduated from college or are re-entering the workforce. These people need a strong writer to talk up their skills as if they are very recent.

A resume is a document that will let the prospective employer know exactly who is coming in when they interview a person for an open position. It advertises skills in an easy to read format.

Most people who are looking for new employees advertise for jobs. Unless a person has a connection, they will never make it into the interview door without a resume.

A resume is a tool that’s designed to help get into the employment process. Not only can a resume get someone an interview, but it will also help them prepare for the interview by going over their skills.

Having a cover letter is like introducing yourself to an employer. Most employers only have about 10-20 seconds to go over a cover letter. If you have good copywriting skills, you can turn that 10 to 20 seconds into a couple of minutes, which will lead them to read the resume.

Resume writers can easily make up to $150 per resume written. Include the cover letter, and you’ve easily got yourself a $200 worth job.

In the old days when I was a career counselor, that’s exactly what I did. Helping people do their resumes and cover letters was a specialty of mine. Usually, I would get about 2 to 3 requests for resumes almost every day. Nowadays, my attention is focused elsewhere, and I still write a resume here and there.

Hey, it’s a huge market. People are always going to be looking for work, so there’ll always be work for resume/cover letter writers.


Nowadays, many people are starting to pay attention to their own fitness. Being a fitness trainer is a very rewarding job not only because you make money, but you also get to help people transform their lives.

One of my careers in the old days was a fitness trainer. I loved working for Steve Nash Fitness, but the only thing that I found difficult was attracting clients who I would be more than happy to work with.

Most people these days are very busy. Not everyone has the time to commit to developing a routine to make it to the gym.

But once you go online as a fitness trainer, you’ll find that you are not just committed to one location. You now have access to many locations all over the world.

By going online, you can niche down to the type of client you want to work with, such as:

  • New moms
  • Competitive athletes
  • Fitness models
  • People who want to lose weight

Just think about it, let’s say you have 20 clients who pay you $300 a month to be their online fitness trainer. You could easily be making $72,000 a year.

I know for a fact that once a client finds a fitness trainer that they’re comfortable with, they will stay with them for years. But the beauty of online fitness training is that you would attract more clients, build a bigger business. That’s because your business is being marketed to locations everywhere.

Another thing you could do as an online trainer is to compile a video library of exercises to market your clients. You could offer these as part of their package, or you could charge extra for these videos.

To have a really good video exercise video, you need to keep it as simple as possible. This means good lighting, no sound, as well as two reps of each exercise, and the video should be at least 10 to 15 minutes long for your clients’ time appreciation.

Value your client’s time, and they will feel that much more validated. Which means you are empowering to be their very best. 


Amazon has a really good Kindle self-publishing program. I myself have published a few books there under different author names.

What I really like about Kindle self-publishing is that they allow you five free days to market your book to get it out to your readers.

If you are a really good writer as well as enjoy writing, then my suggestion is to write in a series of three books. Advertise one book as free, tie back to the other two books. You’ll probably make some decent sales.

The books in Amazon Kindle publishing don’t have to be very long. As a matter of fact, many people write books that are 10 pages long, yet because these books are so informational, they sell.

There are even some authors who have been recognized for their writing skills. Such as Amanda Hocking who was turned away from traditional publishers.

She went out on her own on Kindle publishing. Her books are now being turned into movies.

Imagine that!

She didn’t have to share any of her earnings with publishers. She not only became a great writer, but she also learned how to market herself as well she’s now a really good social media influencer.

All because she decided to self publish on Amazon Kindle.

The beauty of Amazon Kindle publishing is not only are you publishing yourself, but they also have cover creating software. By using their cover creating software, you can even create covers for your own books.

This means you will not have to pay anybody to create any part of your book.

With each account you create on Amazon, you can have up to five author names. Many authors create different aliases to publish different types of books.

Each one of these books becomes a passive employee to you. They will earn 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or evening time, books don’t ask for sickness or vacation time.


First off, I have to say that online courses are huge. It doesn’t matter what type of a digital course you have, could be self-help, marketing, or teaching a skill, people are buying.

Digital courses are shown to be growing and will be valued at $240 billion by 2023, which shows that it is definitely a seller’s market.

One of the first things you need to focus on is what do you have of value, that others will want to learn from you.

Many people worry that they’ve never created a course. They question themselves as to why will people find what they have to offer as a valued resource.

Let me stop you right there!

You don’t need to be an expert. All you have to do is find a topic that you’re interested in learning. Then you start learning about that topic, and that will help you find gaps in what’s missing in the learning which you could provide to others.

There are so many courses you could create, such as:

  • Finding a date
  • How to be a good tenant
  • Learn to fly a drone
  • Teaching crafts
  • How to be a good copywriter
  • Training your pet
  • Ethnic cooking
  • And so on…

Any idea you choose to do, research to make sure that it is profitable before you get started on it. You don’t want to invest in an idea that has a very little audience.

How can you research?

See what’s out there on YouTube as well as check out blogs.

Find the pain of online learners in your specialty to eliminate it. Give them the solution that they will not find anywhere else.


As you know, millionaires are being made every day due to YouTube. Start your own YouTube channel on a skill you have.

Nowadays, people would rather learn through seeing than reading. Of course, readings always going to be popular, but there are people who would rather be shown what to do then told what to do.

On YouTube, you will need to publish a video at least once a week. That’s the only way you’re going to grow your audience. You will need to have consistency so that when they return they will have a new video to view. 

You know how TV shows come on only once a week. We as TV watchers wait for the show to see what happens next. You could also create a YouTube channel where you leave your viewers hanging waiting for the next episode.

By doing so, you become a celebrity, which means you can get other endorsed deals from people who offer their products to you to market to your watchers.

By 2021, the estimation is that 82% of all Internet traffic will be for video. So the sooner you can get into it, the more ahead you will come out in 2021. YouTube has a massive audience of 1.57 billion monthly active users. You’ll have access to all these people.

These people come from all over the world. There is no guarantee that you’re going to reach all these people, but if you can even get 1% of the people, you’ll have it made.

Starting a YouTube channel isn’t as difficult as many make it seem. As a matter of fact, there are many channels that you can tell are not professionally done, but yet they still get many views. Each view makes the channel owner money.

You don’t need to have top of the line equipment. There are many YouTube creators who use their cell phones. Most cell phones now come with their own editing software, which is great.

The great thing is once you publish it on YouTube your video will be syndicated by those who share what you are videoing about. Just by sharing, you will gain many new followers every day.

Just remember to be consistent.


There are many people who are now starting blogs. These very same people need SEO experts to market their blogs.

You can be that person!

Being found organically online is every blogger’s dream. You can help to fulfill that dream by offering the blogger what they can’t find anywhere else.

Such as:

  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Create backlinks
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Pay per click marketing
  • Social media marketing

If you feel that you have this knowledge, why not share it and earn a profit from it. SEOs earn quite a bit of money from offering their expertise to those who don’t know how to get started in the online world.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist is required to know metrics as well as analyze sites appropriately.

Google actually has a free guide on how to become a good SEO. Since most bloggers want to be ranked on Google, I would say that this would be the perfect place to start your SEO expert training.

Of course, there are many YouTube videos available on how to learn more on this topic.


So many of us now require motivation to keep doing what we’re doing. Motivation is a quality which some people have, but sadly others lack.

I know myself motivation isn’t my biggest quality. As a matter of fact, I have to listen to some really strong motivational videos before I get going on my day.

People actually pay other people to stay motivated. Motivation is the fire that helps to fuel awesome performances,  victories, as well it brings in persistence, patience, and a determined mind to accomplish tasks.

Your role as a motivation Coach would be to create an environment where your clients feel welcomed as well they feel like they can go and finish anything they start.

You will need to develop your ideas; they will need to be fresh and relevant to what people want to hear.

When you become a motivation Coach, you need to find or identify your ideal audience. Your message will not resonate with everyone. The truth is you don’t want your message to resonate with everyone; you need to discover what kind of motivation it is that you’re good at.

Some people are good at motivating others by:

  • Losing weight
  • Starting a Business Online
  • Time management
  • Put others into action
  • Improve others level of efficiency
  • Help others achieve their goals
  • Help others to develop life satisfaction

These are just a few of the things that you can help others to be motivated in. You will help others to become more attuned to their self-development as an individual.


Everybody loves their pet, right!

My dog, Enzo, is a very spoiled dog. Anything new that comes out for dogs that are advertised as a benefit to them, my family has to purchase that product.

He gets much love and affection from all of us. Most pet owners like to pamper their pets.

The pet niche would be perfect for someone who wants to share their love of animals. The pet niche currently is a $21 billion industry. There are more than 400 million dog owners alone, so just imagine how many other pets are owned by people.

Pets don’t really care if a person is a culinary artist are not; they will basically eat whatever a person puts in front of them. But some people care what their pet eats, they will order specific food for their pet.

There others who order accessories for pets. Not just toys, but clothing, shoes, and dog collars.

Read my Pet Niche post under Billion dollar niches, to get a good insight into what type of phrases people are searching as well as popular domain names that are still available.

Overall Conclusion On Best Legitimate Online Business Opportunities

In my opinion, the best legitimate online business opportunities exist in many different niches. Really it’s a matter of someone finding something that you click with, which can go on to create an abundance of financial freedom for you.

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It takes a lot of work and effort to establish your business online, but these people are the go-to where you should definitely get started.

Let me know in the comments below if you which one of these best legitimate online business opportunities you are interested in.


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