20 Businesses You Can Start for Under 100 Dollars (Offline/Online)

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When it comes to launching a small business, most people think that there needs to be a huge financial investment.

And while that’s true for many small businesses, it’s not always the case.

There are indeed many businesses you can launch with little to no start-up costs.

So, next time you are faced with the question of “What to do with 100 dollars?”, consider this collection of 20 business ideas that you can realize by investing less than $100.

If you are looking for opportunities, the following are some of the easiest and low-cost online businesses one can start.

1. Teaching

Ask yourself what you really love doing or what you’re really good at?

The answer(s) to that question can help you start a business for less than $100.

Once you identify your passion, you can make a business out of teaching other people how to master the same.

Most people don’t give enough exposure to their natural talent or aptitude. But with the right amount of confidence, you can turn your passion into a business; which is also how most successful businesses start.

The best part is that thanks to sites like Tutor and Wysant.com you can find tutoring jobs without spending a dime.

2. Consulting

If you are well-versed in a certain industry or sector then a consulting business is a good idea.

A could form the face of your consulting business and you can use social networking sites to promote the content posted on your blog.

You can also print some low-cost business cards and engage other professionals using sites like Meetup.com. A quality blog will ensure your consultancy’s success.

3. Freelancing

One of the best ways to earn money, freelancing doesn’t even require you to own a .

Sites like Elance.com host a number of projects for diverse skills like writing, programming, editing or even design, where you can sell your expertise.

Freelancing requires practically zero investment.

4. Vlog with YouTube

Any person with a YouTube account today can earn ad revenue by starting a channel and posting videos regularly on it.

This was not possible earlier as YouTube required users to become partners before giving them a share of the ad revenue pie.

The investment required with Vlogging is also pretty low.

The cost of equipment is also negligible as you can create videos using your laptop’s webcam, smartphone cam or even a digital camera.

5. Managing Web Design

You need not master web design to be in this business.

All you need to do is find individuals who need websites built for them and then lookout for people who’d be willing to design you those websites at a price that is lower than your own quote to the client.

You will earn money by bringing together these two parties and also by managing the project itself.


There are umpteen examples of bloggers making thousands of dollars every month by uploading quality content to their blogs and selling ad-space.

Surely, a $100 is more than enough to start a blog and work on getting its readership up.

You can even start a blog for free with blogging platforms like Blogger.com and .com.

7. Creating Information Products

This is another way to harness your in-depth knowledge of any particular niche/category.

You can translate this knowledge into a salable product, like an eBook, and promote it extensively.

Of course, this approach is time-consuming but it can be done inexpensively by creating a free website.

As for me, I would put that little bit of money into a domain name and host space apart from a splash of attractive web design work.

8. Domain Name Buying

Domain names can be bought cheap.

So, it’s a good idea to start accumulating domain names (you can buy.com domains from Godaddy for $0.99) and later sell them at a good profit to an individual or company that requires them.

That is also how I took my baby steps by spending $10 for 10 names.

Buying and selling domains is a multi-million dollar industry that is making lots of people rich.

A look at auctions on sites like Flippa and Godaddy and it’s easy to see why.

9. Programming

One of the most profitable online businesses that one can start with nothing but skills and determination.

If you don’t know how to program, you can either enroll in a class and learn the skills needed or if you don’t have the money for that, there are many great websites with step by step guides and tutorials that can help you learn the skills needed to launch your own programming business.

10. Flipping Websites

Building blogs around niche content is fairly straightforward if you possess half-decent WordPress skills and a little technical know-how.

Once done, you can simply ‘flip’ over this blog to an interested buyer and in the process, make a handsome profit.

There is high demand for blogs that earn well from sources like Commission Junction or Google AdSense. As such, finding buyers for them would be quite easy.

Offline Business Ideas for Under $100

The Internet is not the only source for starting entrepreneurs to find ideas for business with low start up costs. There are tons of great opportunities out there as well.

Here are some of them:

1. Flyer Distribution

This is one business that requires almost no capital whatsoever.

Distributing flyers is also a proven business and is a good option if you want to earn money without investing too much at the onset.

Starting a flyer distribution business is also quite easy and can even be done from home.

2. Window Cleaning Business

One of the oldest and still among the most profitable businesses around, window cleaning services have high demand.

Plus, it’s also an excellent option to consider for those just out of a job or looking for something to establish a business with.

3. Lawn Mowing

An excellent option for someone who loves working outdoors, the lawn mowing business can be set up at a relatively low cost.

Summer, spring and fall seasons see the most demand for yard cleaning and other maintenance services.

Although lawn mowing is hard work, it can also pack in some nice health rewards besides being quite profitable.

4. Dryer Duct Cleaning

This business simply involves cleaning up the dryer ducts in a house.

No home can do without dryer duct cleaning, and the task is also quite easy – hence a business revolving around the same is bound to be profitable.

Most of the times dryer ducts are jammed with stuff like lint and debris, which means regular cleaning is unavoidable.

5. Dog Walking

This is one way to earn money almost instantly. There is also practically no investment from your side. It also works well if you love dogs.

There is no shortage of dog owners around who want their pets to be healthy and sprightly but just don’t have enough time to walk them daily.

This business, due to its very nature, has the potential to succeed in almost any city, town or suburb.

6. Selling Candy

The recent recession saw a remarkable rise in the sale of candy and as such, this is quite a profitable venture that one can get into.

It can earn you a nice income on the side or you can even do it full-time.

7. Pooper Scooper

The business is cheap, home based and can be started off fairly easily. This is one of those businesses that can be started with virtually no cash at all.

There are many people who are willing to pay someone else what they themselves don’t prefer to do.

8. Selling Sandwiches

An ideal business for someone who not only revels in conjuring up delicious food but also loves interacting with different people, making and selling sandwiches can be very profitable.

The main focus of this business is to help customers with quick breakfast and lunch items that are not only tasty but also healthy and less time-consuming to eat.

9. Parking Lot Striping

Another business where you can discard the rule book, with parking lot striping you can choose to employ tools that are not really considered to be professional class striping equipment.

However, they are good enough to get you started.

You can always use your profits to purchase good equipment later.

10. Curb Address Painting

This business is unique, easy to start and has an extremely low set-up cost.

All you are going to need is $10-$20 with an inexpensive address kit and that’s it, you are ready to start your very own curb address painting business.

Your Turn

Have you ever launched a business that didn’t require huge amounts of capital?

Do you know any other small business ideas that can be started with $100 or less?…

Feel free to share your comments and feedback below.


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